Preparing for Lent

Celebration & Sacrifice.
The Bright Sadness.

This season is an ancient period of prayer and fasting established by the Christian church.  The self-examination and fasting starts on Ash Wednesday every year and can be used as a time to draw closer to God in preparation for the annual Easter Sunday celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

One way to observe  Lent is to sacrifice something from your normal routine (“deny yourself”  in some way during the week & replace this with extra time in prayer and Bible study) and celebrate something from God each Sunday leading up to Easter.

We have decided to pray and fast as a congregation during the season of Lent this year as a preparation for the launch of our third site and a more outreach-focused year ahead.  
Resources like these video clips and a booklet for guided prayer, fasting and Scripture reading will be available to help focus our journey.

Please join as you feel led.


We will kick off our Lenten journey with a prayer & worship service on Ash Wednesday at our Highland Park site from 7-8:30pm.


Below is a PDF of the booklet we have prepared to help guide your prayer & fasting journey.  Hard copies are available at the church office.