Third Site Journey

What kind of God is our God?  What kind of people are his?  What kind of Church are we?  What have we done?  These are questions I ask myself regularly to remind me of who I am in God’s plan and what I should do.  These are questions we need to ask ourselves individually and as a community as we seek God’s plan for us in Grande Prairie.  Our God is love, one who seeks the lost and broken hearted and those who long to know him but are far from him. His people know his love and in response truly seek to love others.  Our church seeks truth and shares it with others, we try to meet the needs of the marginalized and try to heal those who have broken relationships.  We have done the impossible!  The truth is hard to find in a world of deception but we find it in God’s word and give it out!  The world doesn’t love people on the fringes of society yet they find they are loved here! People that have been hurt and have broken relationships with God, others, themselves and creation are restored here!  We are God’s church and we have multiplied once already!  Let’s do it again in response to the love and mission we have received!
- Jaron