Welcome (Back), Mavis!

Welcome (Back), Mavis!

We are pleased to announce Mavis Wiebe’s return to the staff of our fellowship.  Mavis joins us in something of a different role.  Her title is Director of Family and Children’s Ministries signifying an expanded role for Mavis.

Previously, Mavis worked part time (in theory) with a significant emphasis on the details and mechanics of Sunday Morning Children’s Ministries.  Sunday morning programming is a critical expression of our love for children but it is only a portion of what needs to be done.

Mavis’ now full time expanded role, will allow her to spend more energy on a holistic care and support for families. While continuing to provide oversight to Sunday mornings, Mavis will help welcome people to the church – their spiritual family – assisting them find their place.

Additionally, supporting Women’s Ministries, helping families in their spiritual development, knitting together intergenerational community and working with teams involved in ministry to children are all within Mavis’s purview.

Mavis will provide guidance to Sunday morning but will be less “hands on” when it comes to the administration and facilitation of program.  We anticipate this work to be filled with congregants called to this ministry and paid part time administration. Actual staff time dedicated to Sunday morning Children’s Ministry should remain roughly the same as when Mavis’s role was defined as Director of Children’s Ministries.  The change does not signal any less commitment to excellence in ministry to children. Rather, the opposite is true.  As Director of Family Ministries we anticipate even greater effectiveness in building spiritually healthy families and children.  God has great things in store.