Dr. Gordon Neufeld DVD & Discussion

January 28 - April 8 · Weekly DVD & Discussion 7:00PM - 9:00PM 9602 - 92 Ave.

FREE learning opportunity for ANYONE interested (parents, caregivers, helping professionals, youth workers, etc)

How is sexuality meant to develop? What is happening today that is different than in previous generations? How does sex affect the brain and bonding? In this course, globally-respected developmental psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Neufeld examines sexuality through the lenses of attachment, maturation and vulnerability. He sheds light on why adolescents are losing their timidity, why sexual interaction is on the rise, and why sexual bullying is becoming a problem. He explores the meaning of safe sex from an attachment-based developmental perspective and provides suggestions for contributing to the healthy unfolding of sexuality in our youth.


—> Last year, when Dr. Neufeld came to Grande Prairie, his weekend lectures were SOLD OUT with the lowest-priced ticket going for $180.  Now, you can glean from him for FREE through DVD & Discussion sessions at Highland Park Church of Christ (9602 – 92 Ave) <

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Monday nights  Jan.28-Feb.25 from 7-9pm

Tuesday nights  Mar.5-Apr.2 from 7-9pm