PARENT GUIDE for April 10/16

Unit 7, Session 2: The Bronze Snake (Preschool-Gr.4)

Dear Parents,

This week we will experience the people of Israel grumbling to God in the wilderness. God punished them for their sin by sending poisonous snakes to bite the people. However, God also provided a way to be healed. He told Moses to place a bronze snake on a pole and whenever someone looked at it, they would live.

Because of our sin, we face a huge problem: we are separated from God. We deserve to die, but anyone who looks to Jesus on the cross and trusts in Him will live forever with God.

Help your children see that God takes sin seriously, but He also graciously provided a solution for sin: Jesus.


  • Babies and Toddlers
    • We can trust God.
    • God did not leave His people when they grumbled.
    • God healed His people.
    • God sent Jesus because He loves us.
  • Preschool
    • Whom can we trust? We can trust God.
    • God told His people to look at the bronze snake.
  • Kids
    • Whom can we trust? We can trust God to take care of us.
    • God told His people to look at the bronze snake to be healed.


  • Joshua 1:9


  • The Promised Land and Jericho 


FLYTE: Perspectives: Should I Be Afraid? (Preteen)

People can go from euphoria to fear in the blink of an eye.

Take Elijah for example. In 1 Kings 18, God’s prophet Elijah squared off against 850 pagan prophets in front of the people of Israel. The goal of the contest was to determine who the true God was, Yahweh or Baal.

After God consumed the offering with fire, Elijah called on the people to stop serving Baal and to serve God alone. The people agreed, and all of the false prophets were put to death. Surely this was a moment of euphoria for Elijah as God affirmed his ministry in front of the nation of Israel.

That feeling didn’t last long though. In the very next chapter, the Bible study text for this week, Jezebel sent a message to Elijah promising that she would kill him. How did God’s prophet respond? How did the man who saw God work so powerfully just before this react? He was terrified, and he fled.

Preteens can experience similar drastic changes of circumstances. One moment they can seem to be happy and content in church or at home, and the very next moment they can experience terror in school because of bullies. This session will help preteens know what to do if they are bullied.

Just like Elijah in 1 Kings 19, they will learn that even when things look bleak and they are afraid, God is present and He can be trusted.

Pray. Pray for your preteen. Ask God to protect preteens and to help those who are being bullied.


  • As Christians, preteens do not have to fear bullies. They can stand up for themselves.

Bible Study: 1 Kings 19

Memory Passage: Galatians 6:7-9