PARENT GUIDE for April 17/16

Unit 7, Session 3: The Promised Land and Jericho (Preschool-Gr.4)

Dear Parents,

Our journey through the Old Testament continues this week with Israel crossing the Jordan River and entering into the promised land at last. Their first battle is against the city of Jericho. God fought for His people and gave the city to them. It was clear from the beginning that it was God’s power, not Israel’s strength, that would give them the land.

Just as the Lord defeated Jericho for the Israelites, Jesus defeats His enemies and leads believers into the promised land of eternity.

Help your kids connect how God defeated Israel’s enemies with how Jesus defeated our greatest enemy: sin.

    Babies and Toddlers
    ○ We can trust God.
    ○ Joshua led the people into the promised land.
    ○ Joshua trusted God to be with His people.
    ○ Later, God sent Jesus to be with His people.
    ● Preschool
    ○ Whom can we trust? We can trust God.
    ○ God led His people into the promised land.
    ● Kids
    ○ Whom can we trust? We can trust God to take care of us.
    ○ God fought for His people and led them into the promised land.

● Joshua 1:9

NEXT WEEK (April 24th)
● “Achan’s Sin and the Defeat of Ai” (Joshua 7-8)



FLYTE: What is a Worldview? (Preteen) 

People who wear contact lenses are usually unaware of the lenses’ presence, yet they depend on them for clarity. Likewise, how people understand reality and what they believe about life is determined by their philosophical “worldview.”

One’s worldview consists of the concepts, ideas, morals, and principles by which he or she operates in life. People learn their worldviews unconsciously from many sources: culture, history, family, education, religion, and so forth. Those who look at the world from a biblical perspective have a Christian worldview. That is, they perceive and analyze their life concerns through a biblical lens for spiritual and moral clarity.

The apostle Paul wrote to the church in Rome, encouraging them to live according to a Christian perspective. He told them not to “walk” according to human-based standards and capabilities (what he called the “flesh”), but in the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:4-5). This, he reminded them, was the only way they could please God. Their own feeble efforts were bound to fail.

In this way Paul assured them that they could live victoriously and know that God was in control of their life circumstances (Romans 8:28). By being in right relationship to God through Christ and in the power of His Spirit, they would always have a clear biblical worldview.

Pray. Ask God to teach you and your children to live each day in the light of His word and in the power of His Holy Spirit. Ask Him to make your biblical worldviews clear so you can live according to His will.


The way you see things is called a worldview. This session highlights some differences between a Christian and a secular worldview with regard to three topics: making decisions, purpose for living, and hope for a future.

Bible Study:

Romans 8