PARENT GUIDE for April 3/16

Unit 7, Session 1: Joshua and Caleb

Dear Parents,

As we continue our journey through Old Testament this week, the people of Israel have arrived at the promised land and they send spies into the land to scout it out. The spies return, reporting that the land is indeed good, but the people are too strong so they should not try to conquer it. Only Joshua and Caleb trust God’s plan.

Because of their lack of trust, God sends the people into the wilderness for that generation to die off so that the next generation could enter the land. God planned for Joshua to lead the next generation of Israelites into the promised land. Joshua was not perfect, but His faithfulness reminds us of Jesus, who is perfect. Jesus obeyed the Father and trusted His plan to save people from their sins.

Help your children to see how vital our total trust in God is, because that is an essential component of the gospel.


Babies and Toddlers
We can trust God.
Moses told 12 men to look at the promised land.
Joshua and Caleb trusted God to keep His promises.
God sent Jesus because He loves us

Whom can we trust? We can trust God.
Caleb and Joshua trusted God.

Whom can we trust? We can trust God to take care of us.
The Israelites did not trust God to give them the promised land.

Joshua 1:9

“The Bronze Snake” (Numbers 20:1-20; 21:4-9)


FLYTE: Perspectives (Pre-Teens)

Cheating occurs around preteens every day, making them virtually numb to it.

Video games have cheat codes. Athletes cheat by taking performance-enhancing drugs. Web sites sell research papers students can submit as their own. This desensitization makes it nearly impossible for preteens to resist the temptation to glance at the test next to them. What’s the harm? Everyone does it anyway.

This week your preteens will use Ananias and Sapphira from Acts 5:1-11 to provide God’s perspective of cheating. Remind preteens that they might be able to fool parents or teachers, but they cannot fool God. As preteens study the Bible passage, they should notice three principles about cheating:

1. God is aware of cheating. God knew how much money Ananias and Sapphira made when they sold their property. God is all knowing and He sees everything—even that quick glance at another person’s test.

2. God takes cheating seriously. Cheating in school may seem rather insignificant, but notice God took Ananias and Sapphira’s cheating seriously. God knows that cheating can damage a person’s integrity and lead to other damaging sins.

3. Cheating has consequences. While preteens who cheat on tests probably won’t be struck dead, they need to know that there are consequences to cheating even if they aren’t caught by teachers.

Sin hinders a person’s fellowship with God and needs to be confessed. Pray. Ask God to help preteens live with integrity and resist any urges to cheat in school and in other areas of life.

Bible Study: Acts 5:1-11

Memory Passage: Galatians 6:7-9