PARENT GUIDE for Jan.3/16

Happy New Year!!

We are so excited to be continuing our journeys with the “Gospel Project” and “FLYTE” curricula! Kids will continue to develop their relationships with God, peers, and teachers as they learn more about the Bible and how to apply those lessons to their lives! Also, a reminder that this month we have 5 Sundays… which means… Kids Serve Sunday!!! On January 31st kids will be encouraged to serve their God and their church for KSS. So, please make sure your child gets signed up and understands what is expected of them in their role (some roles require kids attend practices).

So what’s coming up this week?

THE GOSPEL PROJECT: Unit 3, Session 4: Joseph’s Dreams Came True

Dear Parents,

Thank you for continuing this journey of The Gospel Project® for Kids. The next Bible story takes place nine years after Joseph’s rise to power as second-in-command of Egypt. The seven years of plenty were over, and the people were two years into the years of famine. Even in the land of Canaan, Jacob’s family needed food if they were to survive.

Ten of Jacob’s sons went to Egypt to buy grain. They went to Joseph, who was in charge of distributing the food. Joseph recognized his brothers immediately, but they did not recognize him. Joseph put his brothers through a series of tests. He accused them of being spies and required them to return with their youngest brother, Benjamin. Finally, he revealed that he was their brother! His brothers were terrified. Joseph was in position to exact revenge, but instead Joseph showed them grace.

Joseph explained why God allowed him to be taken to Egypt. Even though his brothers intended harm, God intended his good. Joseph told his family to come to Egypt where they could thrive. Thrive they did! In Egypt, they grew into a multitude. God kept His promise, and through the nation of Israel, He worked out His plan of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Family starting points

Babies and Toddlers Preschool Kids
  • God’s plan is perfect.
  • God sent Joseph to Egypt.
  • God took care of Joseph’s family.
  • God kept His promise to bless Israel.
  • What can stop God’s plan? Nothing can stop God’s perfect plan.
  • God sent Joseph to Egypt to save his family.
  • What can stop God’s plan? Nothing can stop God’s perfect plan.
  • God sent Joseph to Egypt to establish a remnant.

Key Verse for this Unit: Genesis 26:24


FLYTE: Living High or Higher Living? (Preteens– Gr.4-6)

Preteens are often faced with decisions concerning drugs or alcohol. In this session, preteens will develop an awareness of peer pressure and the dangers of substance abuse. They will be challenged to live drug free instead of living high, understanding that as believers in Christ, they are called to higher living.

They will be focusing on Ephesians 5:15-21 for this lesson and reflecting on the idea of Self-Control.

While the Bible does not specifically identify every drug or choice of variety of alcohol, it does have some principles to consider. Since your body is not your own, and you have been bought through the blood of Jesus, adopt His set of standards for your life. In Ephesians 5:15-21, Paul challenges believers to be careful of how they live their lives before others. He tells them to not be drunk with wine because when they do, they do not have control of their bodies, and their actions are no longer godly or Spirit filled.

Carefully consider the issues at hand, and pray that you and the preteens will accept God’s calling to Higher Living— not Living High.