PARENT GUIDE for Mar.12/17

GOSPEL PROJECT: Unit 14, Session 1: Hosea, Prophet to Israel

Dear Parents,

This week, we encountered the curious instructions God gave the prophet Hosea. God sent the prophet Hosea to speak to Israel a message of God’s hatred toward sin and of His coming judgment. God also sent Hosea to bring a message of love—a love that never gives up. God used Hosea’s own life to show Israel what a never-gives-up kind of love looks like.

God told Hosea to marry a prostitute. He told Hosea that his wife would not be faithful to him. She would give birth to children who were conceived with other men. Still, Hosea obeyed God. He chose Gomer as his wife. Just as God said, Gomer was not faithful to Hosea. She went after other lovers. Can you imagine Hosea’s grief each time he found his wife with another man?

It would have been easier for Hosea to throw up his hands and say, “Enough! I’m done with you!” God’s people were no different than Gomer. They were spiritual adulterers. Their hearts chased after other lovers. They loved and worshiped idols, people and things that were not the one true God.

It would have been easier for God to throw up His hands and say, “Enough! I’m done with you!” But God’s love never gives up. He gave Hosea a love for his wife that compelled him to buy her back from the slave market after all she had done. In the same way, God sought after His unfaithful people even after all they had done. God paid a high price—the life of His Son, Jesus—to bring them back to Himself.

Hosea’s relationship with Gomer reminds us of God’s relationship with the people of Israel and with us. Even though God’s people are unfaithful and love other things more than they love God, God still loves us. God sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sin and bring us back to Him.

Help your kids understand what God’s amazing love is like and make sure they see that the price God paid to bring us back to Him was Jesus. God gave Hosea a deep love; Hosea was willing to buy back Gomer even after all she had done. God’s love is deep, and it never gives up. He goes after His people and loves them back to Himself.

● Babies and Toddlers
○ God loves people.
○ God sent prophets to help His people.
○ Hosea’s life showed Israel how much God loved them.
○ Jesus’ life shows how much God loves us.
● Preschool
○ What is God like? God is merciful and loving.
○ God loves people who don’t love Him back.
● Kids
○ What is God like? God is slow to anger, merciful, and loving.
○ God is like Hosea, loving people when they don’t deserve it.

● Joel 2:13

● “Jonah, Prophet to Nineveh” (Jonah 1–4)


PRETEEN CURRICULUM: Explorers (Gr.4-6)

Know: Joshua led the Israelites according to God’s plan around Jericho.
Think: We can trust God’s plan knowing He is with us.
Do: Follow God’s way and be obedient in your faith.

The truth of our existence and purpose wasn’t readily offered to non- Jewish people before Jesus, but stories like Rahab’s show us that they weren’t denied it either. Not only was Rahab a pagan who was grafted into the Jewish nation because of her belief, she was honored to become the great-great-grandmother of King David. And as an ancestor of King David, she also eventually became an ancestor of Jesus, Himself.
The lineage of Jesus recorded in Matthew 1 mentions only men with the exception of five women, all of whom were shrouded in scandal. Tamar dressed as a prostitute to seduce her father-in-law, Judah; Rahab was a pagan prostitute; Bathsheba got pregnant with another man’s baby while her husband was away at war; Ruth was an impoverished immigrant from an idolatrous nation; and Mary was a young girl who was pregnant out of wedlock.
From a human perspective, all of these women were worthy of very little. But to God their faith trumped their circumstances and they were honored greatly for it.