PARENT GUIDE for May 22/2016

Unit 9, Session 2: Deborah and Barak (Preschool-Gr.4)

Dear Parents,

This week we continue our study of the judges as we work through the Old Testament. When God’s people were distressed by Canaan, they cried out for a judge and God sent them a judge named Deborah. Deborah obeyed God and instructed Barak to fight Israel’s enemy. With the help of a woman named Jael, Israel won the victory.

God does what is for His glory and our good. (Psalm 115:3; Romans 8:28) God fought for the Israelites and used Deborah, Barak, and Jael to defeat Canaan. In a similar way, God uses people and events to not only save us from our enemies, but to bring about our ultimate good: salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Help your children see that God uses people to bring about His perfect plan.

Babies and Toddlers
○ God’s plan is perfect.
○ God’s people needed someone to help them obey God.
○ God used Deborah and Barak to help His people.
○ God sent Jesus to be our Judge.
○ Whom does God use in His plan? God uses people in His plan.
○ God sent judges to help His people.
○ How does God accomplish His plan? God uses people for His glory and our good.


FLYTE: What Happens When Christians Die? (Preteen curriculum)

“Space, the final frontier!” That may be true for science fiction fans, but there is another final frontier that we all will have to explore: the frontier of death.

Many ideas about what happens at death are expressed today on television, in books, and in the movies. Some might ask, “Do we become ghosts? Are we reincarnated as animals? Do we become angels and have to earn our wings?”

The Bible gives us clues as to the eternal destiny of those who believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself, for instance, assured His followers that He had a place waiting for them in His Father’s house. He told them that He had to go away to prepare it for them but promised He would return to take them there.

We know Jesus’ promise is good because, as we have discussed, He rose again from the dead to demonstrate His power over death. Paul assured the Corinthian church that because they had faith in Christ, they would be raised again to new life in Him. When Jesus came again they would be raised, like He was, in an incorruptible and immortal body.

He told them to be joyful that the victory and sting of death was forever removed by the victory of Jesus over the grave. Paul said that Jesus’ resurrection should give them the confidence they need to live each day. Therefore, when believers in Christ die, they will go into the presence of God to await the day when Jesus comes again to take other believers to their eternal home in heaven.

Pray. Thank God for His plan for your eternal home. Ask Him to help you share this message with your preteen in a clear, understandable way.

FLYTE Plan: Although death may seem like a very frightening and unknown event, Christians can live secure in the hope of a rich, eternal life they have through Jesus.

Bible Study: John 14:1-3; 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

Memory Passage: John 3:16-17