Themes and Invitation to Fasting and Prayer

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.54.12 AMOur leadership team is thankful for the great participation at our Annual Financial Meeting and Third Site Conversation on April 10th!

We invite the congregation to join our leadership team in two weeks of fasting and prayer as we further consider the move toward our next site and what it will look like. Please contact the church office or one of our elders with anything you hear from the Lord during this time!


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Please find below themes that table groups from that evening shared after their conversation and prayer. 


  1. Move forward slowly
  2. Mission Heights has lost core families/leaders
  3. Full resolution of female elders


  1. We are excited by the possibilities
  2. We need a site pastor SOON to develop the vision
  3. Core group must be committed to the Great Commission, have a heart for evangelism, be ready, be in unity, be courageous, and prepare (mesh) ahead of time.


  1. Gifted leader with vision and perseverance needed
  2. Site with clear opportunities and target needs
  3. How will we measure a successful third site?


  1. Clearer direction needed, unclear, who’s going?
  2. Concern of reproducing leaders and the formation of people
  3. Trust our leaders to find God’s vision, expel resources.


  1. Want someone with focused evangelist/leadership experience/training or recruit for it.
  2. Remove as many barriers as possible to people walking in.
  3. Perhaps felt needs in current economy are a calling to outreach now.


  1. We need a strong, passionate leader who’s a culture-maker and not afraid to “go getter”
  2. Our ultimate purpose: Reach the lost of our city – “the fields are ripe for the harvest”.
  3. Healthy discipleship will be key. Both for the existing sites and the new site.


  1. Great! Let’s Go! (But not me personally)
  2. Sites will have to give up good people
  3. The team that is built must be totally committed and not look back.


  1. 12-25 people unified by board/staff/elders/site leader
  2. Unity in vision, Spirit, finances (don’t report finances between sites)
  3. We are ready…

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