WRAP UP! Parent Guide for June 12/16

Greetings Parents!

Just a friendly reminder that this Sunday is the last Sunday School class for the season! We will be taking a break for the summer and will resume the programming in the fall. But! That does not mean that your kiddos’ faith walk should stagnate or falter! There are plenty of ways to keep them walking towards Christ!

  1. Participate in the church service. Help kids see that they belong to the larger church! That they are valued and that they can worship God with the Big People! Don’t worry if you’re kids are wiggly! We love them! (We will have activity bags available throughout the summer if your kiddo needs something to occupy their hands during service.)
  2. Continue Faith Talks at home! Use an age appropriate resources to keep your kids excited about the Good News in God’s Word! For pre-schoolers, I highly recommend the “Storybook Bible”. It’s as simple as using it as a bedtime story! Read them a story that is written at their level and answer any questions they have! For school aged kids, why not use a family devotional at the dinner table? Read God’s Word and talk about it! Don’t draw it out though! Try to aim for the same number of minutes as they are old (8 year old = 8 minutes of devotional) so that they can stay focused and you leave them wanting more, rather than exhausting them.
  3. Pray with and for your kids. Ask them what they need prayer for and pray with them!
  4. Enroll them in Faith-Building Summer Activities. Pineridge Adventure Camps will be up and running in July, and there are plenty of other faith-based programs happening throughout the summer across the city!

Remember that our faith is a journey, not an achievement! It is a parent’s greatest honor and greatest calling to walk with our kids and parent them like God the Father parents us! May we show them love and grace and continually point them towards Christ!


The Gospel Project: Unit 9, Session 4: Samson (Preschool-Gr.4)

Dear Parents,

This week we come to Samson in our study of the Old Testament judges. God gave Samson great strength, but Samson was very weak when it came to being faithful to God. Samson’s sin led to his death, but God used his death to defeat the Philistines and deliver the Israelites from their enemy.

Samson’s story reminds us of Jesus. Jesus never sinned, but God sent Him to die on the cross and rise again to rescue believers from sin and give them eternal life.

Help your children see that Samson offers us a contrasting picture of Jesus. Like Samson, Jesus’ death was used to deliver God’s people, only Jesus did not die because of a sin He committed. Jesus died because of our sin.

● Babies and Toddlers
○ God’s plan is perfect.
○ God made Samson strong to help God’s people.
○ Samson made wrong choices, but God’s plan is perfect.
○ God sent Jesus to be our Judge.
● Preschool
○ Whom does God use in His plan? God uses people in His plan.
○ God made Samson strong.
● Kids
○ How does God accomplish His plan? God uses people for His glory and our good.
○ God gave Samson power.

● Isaiah 33:22

● “Ruth and Boaz” (Ruth 1–4)



FLYTE: What Are My Options? (Preteens)

Preteens may feel like they have very little control of their lives and wish they had greater decision-making power. Parents usually decide what school their children will attend. Preteens generally have no choice where they live. Many everyday things like eating, clothing, and activities are chosen for them as well.

Moses might have felt that way at times. During this week’s Bible study preteens will encounter Moses when he was cornered into defending a fellow Hebrew by killing an Egyptian. That unfortunate situation required Moses to flee Egypt and settle in Midian. In the blink of an eye, the prince of Egypt became a lowly shepherd in the wilderness. The next thing he knew, Moses was ordered by God to convince Pharaoh to free the bulk of his slave population, the Hebrews. Life had spun out of control for Moses. Could we blame him if he felt he had no input in deciding what had happened to him?

At least that’s how preteens might tell this story: Moses is a victim and a passive participant in his own life. Is that how the Bible presents this account? Think about the decisions Moses made each step of the way. Like preteens, he always had some level of decision-making authority in his life.

This week, preteens will have the opportunity to learn to recognize the decisions they can make, including the decision to accept the ones made for them by others.

Pray. Consider each preteen in your church and the situations he or she may be in. Pray that each preteen has the wisdom to recognize what he can control and how he should make wise, God-honoring decisions.


Preteens will not only recognize they have options but will also discover how to make choices while living within the boundaries of God’s master grid.

Bible Study:

Exodus 2:11–3:22

Memory Passage:

Proverbs 2:9-10