What Time Are Your Gatherings?

Sunday evenings at 6:00pm

We start with a potluck of finger-foods and usually meet for roughly 120 minutes.  Our times together include conversation around tables, communion, music, group singing, a message from the Bible, prayer, and opportunity to give tithes and offerings.

How Do I Get There?

Currently meeting at 10117 93 St. (in the Army & Navy building).

When You Come

As you arrive, greeters will offer you a bulletin (filled with community announcements and information about our church) and invite you to have a seat at a table.  Please fill out a connection card (inserted in each bulletin) so we can pray for you, answer your questions, or mail you a card later in the week.


Every week, we share the Lord’s Supper as part of our worship.  In the bread and cup we participate in, celebrate and remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  We practice open communion, so all are invited to join with us in this Christian memorial.  You may partake or abstain, according to your conscience.


As part of our worship of God, we collect an offering each week.  These funds support the work of our church both locally and around the world in a variety of ways and we steward each dollar with great care and accountability.  You are welcome to contribute financially, but we do not want our guests to feel any pressure to give.  If you wish to receive a donation receipt for tax purposes, please use an offering envelope and provide us with accurate contact information.

Casual Atmosphere

We have a relaxed approach to church life and our services have a family-friendly feel from our music (which is different each week) to our space (sharing around tables instead of sitting in rows) to the way people interact (lots of laughs and prayer for each other), the goal is that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.  Our dress code is very simple: dress however you want!  If you like to dress up, dress up.  If you like to be comfy, be comfy.  It is our goal that everyone feels welcome to be themselves when they come to worship God.

What About My Kids?

At this site, we enjoy an intergenerational experience around the tables.  Our launch team volunteers and all Church of Christ staff follow Plan To Protect procedures but at this time we are not offering separate children’s programming during our gatherings.

Leaders & Staff

  • Jason Wood

    Eastside Site Minister -

    Born and raised in the Peace Country, Jason has been involved in many school, music, retail, and ministry areas over the years. He has a background in business management/HR, but also has formal training from both Peace River Bible Institute and Alberta Bible College. He is currently finishing the Leadership & Ministry program through ABC and plans to pursue the counselling track next. Together, Jason and his wife, Christina, enjoy five kids and welcoming people of all walks of life into their home.

    Jason was at one time a staunch atheist who fiercely debated Christians and loved seeing people lose their faith, but Jason experienced a “Saul-to-Paul” conversion when Jesus met him at a men’s retreat he didn’t want to attend. Like Saul, Jesus called Jason to the church he had been trying to destroy: to instead build up the church and invite people into life with Jesus!

    Over the two decades since then, Jason has been serving in the Christian Community of Grande Prairie, leading many to Christ, initiating a variety of ministries from small groups and worship teams to the Saturday Night Supper (for the less fortunate) and discipleship groups (to grow and mature leaders).

    Jason continues a lifelong love for music, the arts, and nature with renewed zeal following a season of burn-out. He gives thanks to God for his recovery and for the healing work of mentors and Refresh Ministries during that time.

    Following this healing, Jason has an even greater desire to see people encounter the living God in all of life and pursues a deep passion for shepherding people in their walk with Christ.
    Isaiah 61:1 has become a life-mission verse for him:

    “The Lord God has put his Spirit in me, because the Lord has appointed me to tell the good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort those whose hearts are broken, to tell the captives they are free, and to tell the prisoners they are released.”

  • Eastside Core Team

    The core team that launched our Eastside site -

    Jason, Christina, Kaitlyn, Tristan, Steve, Alison, Paula, Manjit, Brian, Sandy, Lanze, Melissa, Breanna

  • Alan Jones

    Senior Minister & Highland Park Site Minister -

    Alan Jones has served as the Senior Minister of the Grande Prairie Church of Christ since 1983. Alan became a follower of Jesus while a Grade 11 student through the ministry of this congregation.

    Alan was given a number of opportunities over his time with the church to pursue educational goals. He earned a Master of Arts in Religion from Emmanuel School of Religion and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Asbury Seminary.

    Alan is passionate about the local church believing the church is intended to be God’s agent of witness and change in the world.

  • Ryan Duford

    Director of Young Adult & Men's Ministries -

    Ryan graduated with a pastoral degree from Peace River Bible Institute, then pursued further education at Regent College in BC. After completing 3 out of 4 years at the coast, Ryan and his wife, Jen, moved back to the Peace region because they felt called to share the Gospel in Grande Prairie. Ryan is currently working on finishing his Regent training via correspondence, so he can stay “plugged in” in our community.
    Ryan loves learning and sharing knowledge with others both in sermon and small group styles. He is excited for the opportunity to grow with the Young Adults group and develop a relational Men’s ministry here at Church of Christ.
    Ryan and Jen describe their home as a bit of a “zoo”, with three room mates and two small dogs, but they love it that way!

  • Elders Team

    Elders -

    Currently serving: Duff Crerar, Barry Norris, Frank Fehr, John Murray, Joanne Stewart, Jeff Nutting

  • Church Board

    The Church Board -

    Elders + Point Leaders = the church board.

    Point Leaders: Paul Oostra(Deacons), Shaun Boivin(Benevolence), Karen Burns(Children), Rosina Norris(Community), Mark Larson(Missions), Duncan McNabb(Stewardship), Nathanael Sterr(Worship & Creative Arts), Naomi Scott(Youth), Pineridge Chair, Adult Ministries Chair