PARENT GUIDE for May 14/17

GOSPEL PROJECT: Unit 16, Session 1: Daniel and His Friends Obeyed God Dear Parents, This week we began a 3-session story arc spanning much of Daniel’s life. God’s people had been warned by the prophets: “Turn from your sin, and turn back to God!” But the people did not listen. The nation of Judah was […]

Eastside: The Call To Gospel-Centred Living

“…make disciples of all the nations…” These words of Jesus stay with us and implore us as we serve out Christ’s Vision for Eastside Church of Christ. “…share the good news of Jesus with and disciple a lost and dying world…” rings in our hearts and spiritual ears with the call of Jesus leading us […]

PARENT GUIDE for May 7/17

GOSPEL PROJECT:  Unit 15, Session 4: Ezekiel Told About a Future Hope Dear Parents, Ezekiel had a tough job: ministering to people who had rejected God and suffered the consequences. The exiled people of Judah were eager to blame God for their circumstances. “It’s not fair!” they argued. (See Ezek. 18:25.) Ezekiel told the people […]

Camp Clean-Up Slideshow

We are excited for Camp Clean-Up at Pineridge on May 27! Check out some photos from last year and make plans to join in this year? 2017 Camp Clean-Up: May 27

PARENT GUIDE for April 23/17

***REMINDER: There is NO SUNDAY SCHOOL this week (April 30th)! It is the 5th Sunday of the month, which means it is KIDS SERVE SUNDAY! Kids are encouraged to get involved and be Christian leaders within the Body! They can greet newcomers and make them feel welcome. They can hand out bulletins, offering, or communion. […]

Register a Camper Today!

WHAT TO EXPECT At Pineridge, campers of all ages and backgrounds are invited to explore healthy relationships with each other, nature and God as they enjoy fun activities, good food, campfires, and music.   PRICES Rookie Camp: $95 (designed for campers going into grades 1-3) Kids Camp: $210 (designed for campers going into grades 4-6) […]


THE GOSPEL PROJECT Unit 15, Session 2: Jeremiah Prophesied a New Covenant Dear Parents, Shortly after God had rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, He made a covenant with them at Mount Sinai. The terms of the covenant are found in Exodus 19. God said through Moses, “If you will listen to Me and […]

PARENT GUIDE for April 9/17

Unit 15, Session 1: God Called Jeremiah Dear Parents, The people of the Southern Kingdom of Judah were afraid. They had seen the Assyrians destroy the Northern Kingdom and now they were not sure if they would be able to survive. God called on Jeremiah to speak to the people. “I chose you before I […]