Seeking to function as outlined in New Testament Scripture, our congregation operates under the leadership of elders.  These elders are people of God, elected by our members, who with a great deal of prayer and wisdom and experience provide spiritual leadership and accountability for members of our church and our ministerial staff.

In addition to elders, our church members elect deacons and point leaders who coordinate and work with teams of volunteers.  Together with the elders these individuals form our church board.  The board exists to ensure compliance with government requirements, approve policy or financial decisions for the church, as well as provide a formal channel of records and communication.

Our Sr. Minister is hired by our church members for general leadership and teaching. Other church staff are hired by the Sr. Minister for specific ministerial or administrative duties to assist ministry teams.


Serving Here

  • Dave Duinker

    Director of Creative Arts & Worship -

    Dave was born in Ontario as the sixth child of seven to immigrants from post WWII Holland. Dave says his family moved often and sporadically attended church in a variety of denominational traditions.

    In August of 1980, Dave responded to the Gospel of Christ while attending a pentecostal church in Bentley,
    Alberta. He looks back to these years of spiritual childhood in this charismatic setting with much affection: “it was here that I met Christ and was baptized, here I met and married Linda, here I heard ‘the call’ and took a position on the pastoral staff, and here I started a family; this was my spiritual hometown.”

    In 1986, at 26 years of age, Dave decided to go back to school and obtained a B.Ed. from the University of Alberta. He knew he was destined to preach and after 3 years teaching in Red Deer he received the call to pastor a rural church in Buffalo Lakes (they did not know where it was either). So, Dave and Linda packed up their family of 6 and all our worldly possessions in a horse trailer and moved to the Peace Country, into a one bathroom parsonage. There, they raised their kids and pastored a small yet thriving church for 23 years, growing and learning along the way.

    In 2019, Dave resigned as the solo pastor of Bethel Church at Buffalo Lakes and went back to teaching. He says, “If anyone asks me why we started attending the Grande Prairie Church of Christ and why I am now on staff
    here, I respond without hesitation, ‘Blame Frank.’ We have so enjoyed our time here and appreciate the way the GPCofC family has opened your hearts and arms to Linda and me and our growing tribe. It is my passion and calling to lead God’s people into His presence through music and art, and to teach and train gifted others to do the same.”

    Dave’s desire is to discover what it means to worship our Father in Spirit and Truth, and to guide others in our Kingdom quest to become True Worshipers.

  • Chris Thompson

    Director of Digital Discipleship -

    Chris was born in Regina, Saskatchewan but his family moved around a fair bit until they settled in Grande Prairie in 1987. In Jr.High, Chris started attending the Church of Christ Youth Group. He says “it was through that God spoke into my life and led me on the path I am on.”

    Growing up in the church Chris knew that God existed, but the struggle he had to go through was whether or not God cared about us. “I wrestled a lot with depression and feelings of inadequacy, but through God worked through a variety of people to show me that he is a God of love, mercy and grace.”

    After graduating from high school Chris attended Alberta Bible College and received his Bachelor of Theology. At the time he believed this would head straight into ministry, working in a church, but God had a different plan. Instead, Chris found himself working in retail and management roles for over 15 years. Chris focussed on serving God regardless of what job he had and trusted that God was leading and caring for him. Looking back, Chris now sees that God was working in and through those experiences to form skills and abilities that enable him to fulfill the new role he has at the church.

    “My hope in this new role is that God will use me to expand his kingdom and reach people that we would otherwise never be able to reach. If you have a moment to pray for me than I ask that you pray that God will guide my steps and give me his wisdom in how to walk this new path.”

  • Elders Team

    Elders -

    Currently serving: Duff Crerar, Barry Norris, Frank Fehr, John Murray, Joanne Stewart, Jeff Nutting, Karen Oostra

  • Church Board

    The Church Board -

    Elders + Point Leaders = the church board.

    Point Leaders: Paul Oostra(Deacons), Shaun Boivin(Benevolence), Karen Burns(Children), Rosina Norris(Community), Mark Larson(Missions), Duncan McNabb(Stewardship), Nathanael Sterr(Worship & Creative Arts), Naomi Scott(Youth), Pineridge Chair, Adult Ministries Chair

  • Alan Jones

    Senior Minister & Highland Park Site Minister -

    Alan Jones has served as the Senior Minister of the Grande Prairie Church of Christ since 1983. Alan became a follower of Jesus while a Grade 11 student through the ministry of this congregation.

    Alan was given a number of opportunities over his time with the church to pursue educational goals. He earned a Master of Arts in Religion from Emmanuel School of Religion and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Asbury Seminary.

    Alan is passionate about the local church believing the church is intended to be God’s agent of witness and change in the world.

  • Scott Pence

    Site Minister - Mission Heights -

    Scott grew up in the small town of Bethel, Ohio. His father was the minister of the Church of Christ there, and Scott was actively involved in the ministry there from childhood through his high school years. After receiving a degree in mathematics, Scott went to seminary at Emmanuel School of Religion and served for five years as children’s minister in Kingsport, Tennessee. While at Emmanuel, he met Heidi, who was raised in Grande Prairie. Scott and Heidi were married in 1999 and for 4 1/2 years made their home in Calgary.

    Scott joined the staff of the Church of Christ in Grande Prairie in May 2005. He has a heart for people. He is passionate about helping people in their spiritual journey toward Christ and seeing the Spirit of God at work in their lives. Recreationally, Scott is a big sports fan. He likes playing tennis and basketball. He also enjoys laughter, singing, playing the piano, watching movies, and loving his wife and three children.

  • Mark Wolfe

    Director of Youth Ministries -

    Mark was raised by Christian parents who put God as the main focus of their lifestyle and taught God’s character though example, but it was after the death of his older brother that he began to truly search for God in his own life. A year of studying and prayer led Mark to a solid faith of his own and hear God’s calling on his life. He fully gave himself to the Lord and was baptized.

    God has given Mark a passion and calling to be involved in the lives of the youth. During his time in Kelowna he was able to serve as an intern under the youth pastor at Willow Park Church and here at Grande Prairie Church of Christ he has served as a volunteer youth leader for our youth ministry. Mark is thrilled to continue his ministry among us and is excited to see what God has in store over the next few years as he pours into the lives of the teens in and around our church.

  • Alison Hofstede

    Communications Co-ordinator & Reception -

    You may have encountered Alison at a number of community events over the last few years. You might see her as “one of those tall people”, especially when she insists on wearing high-heeled shoes. She thoroughly enjoys getting to know people and hearing their stories, but considers herself an introvert.

    When Alison and her husband, Steve, began attending Church of Christ they immediately felt like part of the family and wanted to plug in to this rich community. Alison is excited to see how God will work through Church of Christ to serve and transform the community of Grande Prairie!

  • Wendy Small

    Financial Admistrator -

    Wendy joined our part-time administrative staff in spring 2015 as our Financial Administrator.

  • Sheena Jones

    Part-Time Database / PTP Administrator -

    Sheena’s early years were spent in Edmonton with her parents and three siblings. After graduating high school, she moved to Calgary where she attended Alberta Bible College and SAIT. During this time she met (and later married) Alan. The couple moved to Grande Prairie when Alan was called by the Grande Prairie Church of Christ. In 1984 they were blessed with the birth of their son Andrew.

    When she’s not busy working or volunteering around the church, Sheena likes to spend her time in artistic ways including painting and crafts. Sheena loves children and values a creative learning environment. She strongly believes that children can learn of God’s love from infancy, and her desire is that they would experience church as a safe place to grow, learn and serve!

    Some favourite scriptures are: Isaiah 55:89, Jeremiah 29:11 and the story of Hannah!