We are committed to supporting a variety of missions through prayer, time, awareness, and funds. Many people from our congregation go on short-term foreign missions trips, particularly to help orphans. We also have people passionate about local missions and for the inner city and for our neighbourhoods. We also have people who don’t go on the missions trips themselves but faithfully give time, prayer and funds to support the valuable work of their brothers and sisters.


A team of people who are dedicated to supporting these missions are known as our Missions Committee.This team manages the church’s missions budget, gathers information on the organizations or individual missionaries and gives the congregation updates.   There’s always room for people to join the missions team who have a passion to share the loving heart of God to all with relationship, prayer, and action.


Over the years our missions committee has determined that our church will financially support at least three different missions: one foreign mission, one Canadian mission and one Bible College.

At this time we formally support the SA Foundation, Young Life and Aurora Home, Alberta Bible College, as well as a few individuals from our congregation who have been commissioned for their first long-term missions trips.


You can designate funds to support any of these missions through our church!  Simply select/write their name on your offering envelope and 100% of the money you designate will go directly to their support.



FOREIGN MISSION: SA Foundation’s Serve Nepal Project

Human slavery is insidious and prevalent. It has been with us through the centuries, only becoming truly socially unacceptable in the last part of the 20th century. Yet today, it still exists and has changed faces to become the enslavement of young women and children in the sex trade industry. It surfaces at an alarming rate in our own neighbourhoods, with unfortunately very little opposition.

The SA Foundation & its World Services Divisions is a Canadian Christian charitable organization dedicated to fighting and preventing sexual exploitation and trafficking worldwide. The SA Foundation’s Serve Nepal Project provides programs and services that equip high-risk women and communities to resist sexual exploitation and decrease their vulnerability of being sold.
For more information on this organization visit their website: www.safoundation.com.


CANADIAN MISSIONS: Young Life and Aurora Home



Young Life is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to earning the right to speak into the lives of teenagers. Young Life leaders spend time in the world of teens (volunteering in schools, cheering on school sports teams, hanging out at the mall, etc…) to build and deepen friendships. Along the way, they provide teenagers with mentorship, positive fun, peer community, and opportunities to hear about Jesus. Young Life exists to connect unchurched teenagers to Christian community while providing Christian teens with opportunities to minister to their peers.

For more about Young Life, please contact Dylan Bressey (Area Director) at dbressey@younglife.ca or 780-402-4166.



Aurora Home is  the first project of the Northern Alberta Home for Women Society (NAHWS),   a faith-based organization operating under the following beliefs:

  • Those who are in the sex trade are exploited and are victims.
  • Safe housing is a basic human need and is essential to one’s overall wellness.
  • As followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to reach out to those who are suffering, in need, or disregarded by society.
  • Every individual has a God-given, intrinsic value and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

The aim of Aurora Home is to provide short term accommodation for women who are victims of sexual exploitation who need help and want a different life.




BIBLE SCHOOL MISSION: Alberta Bible College

Founded in 1932, Alberta Bible College (ABC) was organized and supported by people and congregations affiliated with the Restoration Movement.  ABC  is committed to Jesus’ model of transformational learning – that we exist in a community to learn and grow together in the adventure of sharing the power and love of God.  The primary focus of ABC is to develop one’s character and competency through linking classroom study with practical hands on experience, integrating knowledge with action.
ABC offers several options for post-secondary education from specialized Christian ministry degrees, to a one year certificate in Christian Foundations and many other programs.

For more information about Alberta Bible College check them out online at www.abc-ca.org