We are committed to supporting a variety of missions through prayer, time, awareness, and funds. Many people from our congregation go on short-term foreign missions trips, particularly to help orphans. We also have people passionate about local missions and for the inner city and for our neighbourhoods. We also have people who don’t go on the missions trips themselves but faithfully give time, prayer and funds to support the valuable work of their brothers and sisters.


A team of people who are dedicated to supporting these missions are known as our Missions Committee. This team manages the church’s missions budget, gathers information on the organizations or individual missionaries and gives the congregation updates.   There’s always room for people to join the missions team who have a passion to share the loving heart of God to all with relationship, prayer, and action.


Over the years our missions committee has determined that our church will financially support at least three different missions: one foreign mission, one Canadian mission and one Bible College.