Classes, small group or life group activities, special events, Bible studies, and retreats are all great ways for men and women to make friends, grow in their faith and and feel at home within this body of believers!

Be sure to check out Morning prayer & communion on Thursdays!

Small Groups

Everyone who attends Church of Christ is encouraged to participate in a small group of some kind to grow in their faith and friendship with God and each other.

Small groups are usually 12 people or less who meet regularly to share life experiences, spiritual discussions, learning and prayer.

All groups look and feel different as they are a reflection of who is participating.  They may be a mixed group of young adults or seniors, a Bible study, a women’s support group, a men’s mentorship group or some other variation!  Some groups share the responsibilities of hosting, leading, teaching or coordinating the gatherings, and other groups have a key person as their leader.

If you would like to join or start a Small Group, please contact the church office.

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