Small group activities, special events, Bible studies, retreats, and Life Groups are all great ways for men and women to make friends, grow in their faith and and feel at home within this body of believers!

Thursday Morning Prayer

7:00 – 8:00 am in the Prayer Chapel The ministerial staff invite you to join them in prayer and
communion. If you want to pray for the needs of others, the church, or if you are seeking prayer, feel free to stop by the prayer chapel at Highland Park between 7:00am and 8:00am. Everyone is welcome to come whenever they can (and not obliged to stay for the whole hour). This time of prayer is typically followed by a trip to Tim Horton’s or McDonald’s for coffee and fellowship together.

Small Groups

Everyone who attends Church of Christ is encouraged to participate in a small group of some kind to grow in their faith and friendship with God and each other.   Small group may be a life group, a mixed group of seniors or young adults, a women’s bible study or a men’s mentorship group or some other variation!  Any group of people who want to meet regularly to share life experiences, spiritual discussions, learning and prayer.  If you would like to join or start a Small Group, please contact the church office.  Click here for more info on Life Groups


Young Adults

Our Young Adults currently functions in a similar way to a life group, with the participants driving the direction and function of the group.