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Each week we are gathering resources here to help engage your whole family in our Sunday morning live stream service.

Check in here before the service starts to print off activity pages related to our sermon, sing fun, action-packed songs, and view a weekly story video which corresponds with each Sunday’s teaching.

Be sure to also check out our weekly Challenge as well as our memory verse challenge:  Scripture ABC’s Challenge 2020!


September 27, 2020

This Week…

Following along in Mark 1:21-34, we continue with Jesus as he begins his ministry.  As far as the people knew this was Jesus of Nazareth, a normal man like the rest of them.  So how would Jesus begin to convince them that he was SO MUCH MORE?  Watch this week’s two videos below to hear the whole story!

This Week’s Story: Jesus Shows His Authority

Get up, sing and move along!

Activity Pages for Sunday Morning


PDF Versions: Coloring Page 1 /Connect the Sentences / Coloring Page 2 / Activity Page 1 / Activity Page 2

We’d love to see your art! Feel free to post any finished coloring/crafts/worksheets to the Facebook group or email them to us at kids@gpchurchofchrist.com.

 Challenge: 8 Words

In this week’s story we saw that Jesus began to show everyone that he was not just an ordinary man.  He was the Son of God and had authority over EVERYTHING!   He could do amazing miracles like casting out demons and healing any kind of sickness.  The people were beginning to learn who Jesus was.

Your challenge this week is to think about Jesus.  What do you know about him?  What do you love about him?  Print out the page below and fill in the web with 8 words (or pictures) to describe Jesus.  After you’re done, pray and thank him for loving you, then use your page to tell someone else about Jesus.

Printable PDF: 8 Words to Describe Jesus

Share pictures/videos in our kids Facebook Group or email us at kids@gpchurchofchrist.com.

Scripture ABC’s Challenge 2020

It’s here!  The Scripture ABC’s Challenge 2020!  We have put together a list of verses that start with each letter of the alphabet.  (We’ve even included some of our church members’ favorite verses!) This is a fun way to memorize God’s word and keep it stored up in your heart for easy, quicker-than-a-Bible-app access!  Memorize and earn a prize when we meet together again!

To earn a prize, there are four options:

  1. Say the verses to your parents who can send us a message.
  2. Make a video of you saying the verses and send to us or upload to our Facebook page.
  3. Say the verses to your teacher over the phone (email us and we will arrange a time to make contact).
  4. Say the verses to us when we are back meeting together again!

You can contact us at kids@gpchurchofchrist.com or find us on Facebook at gpcofckids.

PDF version to print: Scripture ABCs 2020

Memory Verse Games and Activities

We’ve collected some fun games and activities to help with memorizing verses below.  You can even create your own activity pages!

  1. Erase a Word—Write the memory verse on a whiteboard. Erase the verse a word at a time, each time asking the children to say the verse.
  2. Write each word of the memory verse on a slip of paper. Children must place the slips in the correct order.  For an additional challenge, hide the papers around the room.  As children find them they can being to place them in the correct order.
  3. Write the first letter of each word of the memory verse on a whiteboard or piece of paper. Children then try to write the verse.
  4. Ping Pong—A child calls out the first phrase of a verse, then someone else calls back the second phrase, and so forth.
  5. Make a word search using all the words in the verse. (Easily create a word search you can print, play online, and share with friends here: Word Search Maker )
  6. Hot Potato—Sit on the floor across from each other or in a circle, depending on how many are playing. The first child says the first word of the verse and rolls a ball to anyone in the circle. The child receiving the ball says the second word of the verse and so on.
  7. Picture It—Have the children write the verse, drawing as many pictures for the words as possible.
  8. Double up with printing or cursive handwriting practice by creating templates of the verses for children to copy.  Worksheet Works has an easy generator that can create worksheets for any stage your child is at.

Watch this new video from Rhonda which not only introduces our website, but shows how to create your own activity pages in Word Search Maker and Worksheet Works.