The Exodus and our Communion

Exodus tells us of Israel’s deliverance from Egyptian slavery, becoming the major paradigm of salvation in the Old Testament. We see in Chapter 11 that many of the time would have said “The Egyptians have their gods and the Israelites have a God – What’s the difference?” This is just like the thinking we run […]

Money Series Audio

Missed a few sermons in our “Money” miniseries, or want to hear them again?  Click here.

Jesus, Mammon and Us

One of the most tumultuous debates among monks in the Middle Ages had to do with a divisive hypothetical question – did Jesus have a wallet? Of course, this is not as stupid a question as it appears to be. If Jesus had carried a wallet, he carried money. If he carried money, then it […]

Thoughts on Wealth and Power

Because we sold our own honey – retail and wholesale – my family were businessmen as well as beekeepers. Working for my father, as early as age 9, I received a small wage for my work, especially since it was pretty intensive for a little boy. Later on, my summers were spent in the honey […]

Eastside Baptism – May 6/18

Baptism – Eastside May 6/18 from Grande Prairie Church of Christ on Vimeo.