Hope in the Darkness

As we enter the season on Advent, Alan speaks of the light and hope we have in the face of all death and darkness.

A reason to keep going

Loverboy sang “everybody’s working for the weekend”. But what keeps you going when hopes fall through? Scripture – Psalm 54:4

The Hope of Glory

Dave shares a thought that he recorded in preparation for this week of Advent: Hope

Colossians 1:27

Storms, Jesus & Hope

Laurel invites us to consider the stories of Jesus and storms during this season Advent.

Advent light and hope

Chris encourages us to stand in hope as we seek to lights in the darkness and to equip ourselves with the Armour of God.

Light in the Darkness

A call to hope in the light as we walk through dark times.

Responding to Jesus

Have you ever noticed that sometimes our response to Jesus changes?

Psalm 8 Worship Wednesday

Dave invites us to share in a musical reflection on Psalm 8.

What is Your Story?

Mark contemplates the power of taking our life stories seriously and challenges us to share where God has been at work.

Day 7 – Select Your Path

During this 7 day period of examen, look to and select how you will live out your faith and where God is directing you to share His love and grace.