It is our goal that teens grade 7-12 will grow healthy relationships with God, each other and positive members of the community through fun activities and frank conversations about following Jesus.

We have a closed Facebook group for youth, their parents and leaders to stay up-to-date, ask questions, and connect with each other, as well as an Instagram for sharing funny photos, polls and weekly reminders.


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Ministry Leaders

  • Andrew Watson

    Director of Youth and Children's Ministries -

    Andrew was born into a home that honored Christ, instilling in him the foundations of a faith that he endearingly refers to as a “family heirloom” in hindsight. Like an heirloom, it was sentimental and an effective method of understanding the family’s values, but functionally collected dust in his young mind. It was not until Andrew encountered Jesus, personally and radically, that he realized the true nature and value of the heirloom, and finally considered it a faith and relationship of his own. It was a Youthgroup that facilitated this introduction, and served to determine the trajectory of the rest of his life.
    Andrew attained his Bachelors of Theology at Clearwater College where he met his wife Alyssa. Together they have two daughters, Alison and Anika, with plans for a few more. Youth ministry has always occupied a special place in Andrew’s heart, and it is with great fervor that he now seeks to serve the Lord and the bride through that ministry