Our youth ministries team focuses on serving young people in grades seven through twelve and is always seeking more people to join the team (particularly as prayer warriors, teen advocates and people who can make incredible food and plan epic games and activities!).

It is our goal that teens will grow in their love and knowledge of God through dynamic, healthy relationships with members of the community regardless of age and be given opportunities to discover or develop passions and abilities as God works in and through their faith community.

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Ministry Leaders

  • Mark Wolfe

    Director of Youth Ministries -

    Mark was raised by Christian parents who put God as the main focus of their lifestyle and taught God’s character though example, but it was after the death of his older brother that he began to truly search for God in his own life. A year of studying and prayer led Mark to a solid faith of his own and hear God’s calling on his life. He fully gave himself to the Lord and was baptized.

    God has given Mark a passion and calling to be involved in the lives of the youth. During his time in Kelowna he was able to serve as an intern under the youth pastor at Willow Park Church and here at Grande Prairie Church of Christ he has served as a volunteer youth leader for our youth ministry. Mark is thrilled to continue his ministry among us and is excited to see what God has in store over the next few years as he pours into the lives of the teens in and around our church.