Connection. Friendship. We look for people that might “do life” together with us. Not roommates, but brothers and sisters who will journey with us. People of faith with whom we can grow into the life that God intends for all of us.

Jesus did not just call us to follow him by ourselves.
He called us into the family of God, and Small Groups of various kinds are an expression of that calling.

  • Small groups have a regular meeting time, weekly or bi-weekly, although group life may take shape in a variety of ways (formally or informally).
  • Small groups are encouraged to engage Scripture together, to pray together, to share meals together, to care for each other, and to serve together in some way.
  • Small Groups explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus; to live Kingdom-First lives in the everyday.
  • Small Groups are attentive to God’s Spirit, telling stories of God’s work among them.
  • Small Groups intentionally look for ways to be involved in mission; to introduce people to Christ.
  • Small Groups are places where you can connect with other people on the Christian journey; they are places where you can share life together with others who are moving toward Jesus. Everyone is welcome to participate.

At Grande Prairie Church if Christ we would LOVE for each Small Group to be a snapshot of our Five Themes (Worship, Community, Embodiment, Benevolence, Evangelism).

Spiritual friendship forms an essential part of the Small Group experience. Spiritual friends are people who keep us attentive to God. What sets these relationships apart is their intentionality. They are conscious about connecting their relationship with each other to their relationship with God.