Members of this fellowship have:

• heard the Good News of Jesus
• trusted in Him alone for salvation
• repented of their sins
• been immersed in the waters of baptism*
• made the leadership aware of their desire to become members

* Congregants who have been expressed their “pledge a good conscience” in believer’s baptism through a mode other than immersion may apply to the Elders to transfer their membership from another congregation.

For more information about membership, check out the “Membership  Booklet” (available at the main office and site info centres), and contact an elder or member of our ministerial staff.

Ministry Leaders

  • Alan Jones

    Senior Minister & Highland Park Site Minister -

    Alan Jones has served as the Senior Minister of the Grande Prairie Church of Christ since 1983. Alan became a follower of Jesus while a Grade 11 student through the ministry of this congregation.

    Alan was given a number of opportunities over his time with the church to pursue educational goals. He earned a Master of Arts in Religion from Emmanuel School of Religion and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Asbury Seminary.

    Alan is passionate about the local church believing the church is intended to be God’s agent of witness and change in the world.

  • Scott Pence

    Site Minister - Mission Heights -

    Scott grew up in the small town of Bethel, Ohio. His father was the minister of the Church of Christ there, and Scott was actively involved in the ministry there from childhood through his high school years. After receiving a degree in mathematics, Scott went to seminary at Emmanuel School of Religion and served for five years as children’s minister in Kingsport, Tennessee. While at Emmanuel, he met Heidi, who was raised in Grande Prairie. Scott and Heidi were married in 1999 and for 4 1/2 years made their home in Calgary.

    Scott joined the staff of the Church of Christ in Grande Prairie in May 2005. He has a heart for people. He is passionate about helping people in their spiritual journey toward Christ and seeing the Spirit of God at work in their lives. Recreationally, Scott is a big sports fan. He likes playing tennis and basketball. He also enjoys laughter, singing, playing the piano, watching movies, and loving his wife and three children.