Or join us online for livestream worship services at gpchurchofchrist.com/praise.

How Long Are Your Services?

Our services are at 10am and we usually gather for 60-75 minutes for include prayer, music, singing, a sermon, communion, activities for children and the opportunity to give tithes and offerings.

How Do I Get There?

We are the located at 9602-92 Ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta, on the corner of Resources Road and 92 Ave (near HJ’s Family Bowling and the Prairie Sunrise Towers.).  Many locals call our large brown building “ the pigeon church” because a number of birds are usually on our roof.

When You Come

Please check in or register at our welcome desk, and fill out a connection card(available upon request) so we can pray for you, answer your questions, or mail you a card later in the week.

Communion (Lord’s Supper)

The celebration of the Lord’s Supper is a weekly part of our worship service. In the bread and cup of communion we participate, celebrate and remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. We practice open communion, so all who have committed their lives to following Jesus are invited to join with us in this central celebration of Christ’s faithfulness. You may partake or abstain, according to your conscience. At this site, we usually partake as the plates are passed down the rows.


As part of our worship of God, we collect an offering each week.  These funds support the work of our church both locally and around the world in a variety of ways and we steward each dollar with great care and accountability.  You are welcome to contribute financially, but we do not want our guests to feel any pressure to give.  If you do choose to give and wish to receive a donation receipt for tax purposes, please use an offering envelope and/or provide us with accurate contact information.

Casual Atmosphere

We have a relaxed approach to church life and our services have a family-friendly feel. From our music (which is different each week) to our space (the whole building gets used) to the way people interact (lots of laughs), the goal is that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.  Our dress code is very simple: dress however you want!  If you like to dress up, dress up.  If you like to wear sweats, wear sweats.  It is our desire that everyone feels welcome to be themselves when they come to worship God.

What About My Kids?

We welcome the presence of children in the service, but we also have children’s ministry programming for newborns through Grade 6 during the sermon.  Plan To Protect procedures are followed, so all the volunteers are screened, trained and aligned with our statement of faith and parents/guardians are asked to sign their children in and out of the program areas.

The toddler room and nursery are connected to each other and are located on the east side of the main foyer.  Classrooms for pre-school and elementary grades are located in the west basement.

Leaders & Staff

  • Alan Jones

    Senior Minister & Highland Park Site Minister -

    Alan Jones has served as the Senior Minister of the Grande Prairie Church of Christ since 1983. Alan became a follower of Jesus while a Grade 11 student through the ministry of this congregation.

    Alan was given a number of opportunities over his time with the church to pursue educational goals. He earned a Master of Arts in Religion from Emmanuel School of Religion and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Asbury Seminary.

    Alan is passionate about the local church believing the church is intended to be God’s agent of witness and change in the world.

  • Andrew Watson

    Director of Youth and Children's Ministries -

    Andrew was born into a home that honored Christ, instilling in him the foundations of a faith that he endearingly refers to as a “family heirloom” in hindsight. Like an heirloom, it was sentimental and an effective method of understanding the family’s values, but functionally collected dust in his young mind. It was not until Andrew encountered Jesus, personally and radically, that he realized the true nature and value of the heirloom, and finally considered it a faith and relationship of his own. It was a Youthgroup that facilitated this introduction, and served to determine the trajectory of the rest of his life.
    Andrew attained his Bachelors of Theology at Clearwater College where he met his wife Alyssa. Together they have two daughters, Alison and Anika, with plans for a few more. Youth ministry has always occupied a special place in Andrew’s heart, and it is with great fervor that he now seeks to serve the Lord and the bride through that ministry

  • Elders Team

    Elders -

    Seeking to function as outlined in New Testament Scripture, our congregation operates under the leadership of elders. These elders are people of God, elected by our members, who with a great deal of prayer and wisdom and experience provide spiritual leadership and accountability for members of our church and our ministerial staff.

  • Church Board

    The Church Board -

    In addition to elders, our church members elect deacons and point leaders who coordinate and work with teams of volunteers. Together with the elders these individuals form our church board. The board exists to ensure compliance with government requirements, approve policy or financial decisions for the church, as well as provide a formal channel of records and communication.