A Poem

O child, I watch you day by day

Struggling to revive

Your weary body and exhausted mind

Striving to survive.


How I long to hold you tight

Close by my heart to stay

Yet every time I reach for you

Your eyes are turned away.


I hear your cry for guidance true

You crave for my soft touch

Yet why should I point out the way

When you don’t obey me much.


You spend no time within my Word

It holds the key for Life

How can you hear my words at all

When your mind is full of strife.


You think you’ve offered up to Me

Your life and all your deeds

Yet is it not for other’s sakes

It’s them you strive to please.


I do not long for sacrifices

But obedience to my words

Your lips just don’t reflect your heart

No time for Me occurs.


I want your heart, O child of mine

Your eyes to look on Me

Make Me your God, your treasured prize

Sit at my feet and see.


Put Me above all other gods

That rob Me of your love

I want your heart, your inner core

I’m pleading from above.