Maybe something happened in April to make it memorable for you, but probably not.  In Grande Prairie, April is quickly forgotten, for good reason.  It’s not our best month.

One thing you should not forget about last month happened on April 12 at the Church of Christ.  We had an art festival here and it was very good.  It should not be so quickly dismissed.

How good was it?  Consider the facts:

  • There were forty two visual art contributors
  • There were four different music presenters
  • There was a wide variety of art, from painting to sculpture, jewelry to quilts, music instruments to motorbikes, and much more.
  • The food was an art form in itself, and it was free.
  • There were just short of 200 attendees, including folks from the neighbourhood, the Saturday night supper, and others.
  • Nobody paid much attention to the theme, which was “Jesus in Everything”.  On the other hand, is it possible to do art and NOT think of the Creator?  Whether conscious or not, theology happened.
  • It took days to set up but only an hour to clean up.

In our habitual discarding of April, we should at least take a moment to remember that event.  It really was pretty fine.

Looking forward, we’re going to have a fall event on September 6.  We used to call it Kick Off but some people are tired of that name so we’ll call it something else now.   Leading up to that, we’re thinking about theology as it relates to another art form: movement and dance.  If you’ve never thought much about that subject, don’t worry.  Not very many people do. But we’re going to give it a shot.

Saturday, September Six, 4:00 pm, Highland Park.  Let us know if you have ideas.