Jr.High Camp = Outreach Success

Well, Jr. High camp this year was my first experience at Pineridge Adventure Camp, and I’d say the camp was a huge success!  Tons of fun was had by campers and leaders alike, with many memories made and highlights to share… but I’ll only mention a few things here.  I feel confident that the campers were positively impacted by the fantastic leaders that were serving during this camp week and really benefitted from the care and endurance put forth.  Big thanks to our cabin leaders for volunteering to spend time with youth and set positive examples for our campers!


We had 18 students out for Jr. High camp this year, with 50% coming from our church community and 50% from outside our areas of influence (the Grande Prairie community at large).  While the attendance numbers do not seem impressive at first glance, it has been great to see students from within our church bringing their friends and getting excited about coming to our camp.  “Every time I come here, there’s something new!” one camper  said excitedly, “I can’t wait to see what’s next.”    The increase in non-churched kids attending our camp over the last year has been encouraging to our hard-working camp committee as they see the numbers lining up with our church’s second Strategic End (SE2.II), introducing people to Christ, and recognizing our church camps as ideal opportunities to do so.


Overall there were some great teachable moments at Jr. High camp.  From the lessons taught in chapel, cabin time discussions and even some disciplinary action, the response from campers  remianed positive in all aspects of the week.  I think it’s fair to say that every participant at this camp was challenged, encouraged and grew in relationship with each other and God in some way.

We are looking forward to the years ahead both out at Pineridge and in the lives of everyone who was impacted by this camp week, may it all bring glory to God and his good work.