Let’s Go Ladies – Thoughts From a Former W.M.S. Deaconess

Some memories and musings by our dear Blanche as she prays for the upcoming AGM and election:


As I look back to when we ladies met for our Women’s Missionary Society meeting, it was an uplifting and fun time together.  There was always a devotional, updates on the missions we supported, a fundraiser for something, or some unfortunate someone, and lunch, of course. We took turns in hostessing our meetings, and tried to reach out to new ladies in the community or to help single moms.  As well as hosting church events or speakers. It included young and old.
I think the same concept could apply to the office of deaconess today.  The men are doing a good job, but often there is a need for a women’s point of view… I’m glad to see we have one lady elder, now!  As I was going through archived files to prepare our church history booklet I sure laughed when I read in some Avondale minutes that the board there limited the number of deaconesses to “no more than half the number of elders and deacons”. No chance of women taking over there! Point taken.  😉