Missions Update: Pios to Portugal

Europe as a continent holds the statistic of less than 2% of the population having a saving relationship with Jesus. Greater Europe Mission (GEM) is an organization with a heart for the people of Europe and a mission to see that statistic change. With their unique understanding of the cultures of Europe and a desire to see God’s Kingdom expand in Europe, GEM is working toward the vision of igniting discipleship multiplication movements across the continent.


The Pios will be joining in working toward that vision in Lisbon, Portugal. The Pios have a specific love for the people of Portugal, given to them by God through Justin’s Portuguese heritage. They have been working hard since October 2015 to build a ministry partner team who will send them to Portugal funded and supported to begin working toward the mission of expanding God’s Kingdom in Portugal.  



The goal of the Pios is to be in Portugal in January 2017. Please pray for this family in their final months in Canada as they attempt to connect with the remainder of their ministry partner team and raise the rest of their financial support.

If you would like to meet with the Pios or want more information about what they will specifically be doing in Portugal, contact them at  ami.pio@gemission.org