Reflections on Revival #10


Do you know one reason why your life may be dark and heavy?  Sin.  The outcome of sin is death, the death of my relationship with you.  This kind of death suffocates light and life.  This kind of death pulls you away from life, the life that I long to give you.  Oh, how I long for you!  Confess your sin.  I already have died for them, receive my forgiveness.  Forgive yourself.  I died for you so that your soul can find rest, no longer weighed down with guilt and shame.  Come, give Me your life. I will make you white as snow and remember your sin no more.  I love you.

O Lord, I so long for freedom in my soul!  I long to be free of the heaviness of bad choices that I’ve made.  I come to You and I accept your forgiveness.  Thank you for washing me white as snow.  Thank you for your great love for me.  My soul shouts with joy for your great patience, your kindness, and  your forgiveness for me.  Thank you, Lord!

Reflection #10 – Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.