Reflections on Revival #11


What are you hiding?  Do you think that I don’t see it?  Do you not know that I love you no matter what?  I am here for you – to wash away all stain of sin, to set you free!  Can you imagine not having to hide anything?  I am the One who brings victory and yet you have to choose to yield to me, to  give me control of your life.  I know who I created you to be and you are not created to harbor sin hidden in the darkness.  Let my Light shine into that darkness, let me set you free.  I can.  Only I can.  Trust Me.  I long for you to receive my forgiveness.  Please let me revive you!  Come to me.

O Lord, I know you see everything.  I am so ashamed of my sin, of my secret.  Give me courage to come to You and accept your forgiveness and forgive myself.  Give me courage to expose this darkness and share it with someone.  Show me the way into the light, into freedom.  I am willing to listen to You as You speak to me.  Set me free so I can worship You with my whole heart.  Thank you for your mercy and great love for me.  Revive me!

Reflection #11 – Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.