Reflections on Revival #12


Do you know there are things that only you can do and things that only I can do?  Only you can achieve the things that you really have control of – like your choices, what you think and do.  Only I can do what you do not have control of.  That’s when you need to trust me.  Ask Me what you have control of and ask Me what is My part.   I will give you wisdom to understand the difference.  Let go of the things that you have no control of and embrace your part with your whole being.  I have a plan but I can’t fulfil it unless you do your part.  I will give you strength to do it.  I will revive you with a purpose.

O Lord!  I try to accomplish things but it doesn’t work.  And then other times, I’m suppose to do things but I don’t do them.  Please help me to know what is my part and what part only You can do.  Give me courage to do my part and then courage to let you do your part.  I do need you!  Please breathe your revival within me.  Thank you Lord!

Reflection #12 – Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.