Reflections on Revival #20


Revival.  Are you facing challenges that seem impossible to conquer?  Do you feel helpless and trapped?  Have no fear for I am with you.  What seems impossible is nothing for me to accomplish.  Turn your eyes on me.  For my heart knows the agony you are going through.  I hold you.  Trust me for the impossible.  I am the great I AM.  Hold my hand.  Don’t give up for I am your God.  I hold your future and it is good, full of hope.  Trust me.

O Lord.  Sometimes I feel swamped with the impossible issues in my life.  There seems to be no answers!  Then I remember that you do hold me and your timing is perfect.  Fill me with patience and also with courage to press onward.  You do have great plans and I choose to trust in you.  Your will be done.


Reflection #20 – Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.