Reflections on Revival #25


Why do you harbour anger towards yourself?  What you did was wrong and it is done.  My death on the cross has paid for it and so receive my forgiveness and forgive yourself.  Let go of the anger.  It is a new day, a new beginning.  The past is done and the future is waiting for you to step forward without your anger.  Give it to Me.  I have you covered!  You are free to LIVE!

O Lord!  Really?  For so long I have carried this huge burden of guilt.  I have been so angry at myself and feel that I need to punish myself.  But you have paid the price already.  Really?  Oh glorious day, that I can let go of my anger!  Fill me with your peace O Lord!

Reflection #25 – Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.