Reflections on Revival #29


How do you expect to know Me when you don’t spend time reading my letter to you?  I have inspired many authors to write about my heart, my ways, my love for you.  But you are too busy pursuing your own interests, interests that bind you and take you captive, using all your energies.  Pursue my heart.  Read my Word.  I so long to talk to you.  Come!

O Lord.  Those urgent things just overtake me, take all my energies when it is You alone who empowers me with purpose and direction.  Your Word is life, your Word is the way, your Word is truth.  I need the anchor of YOU!  I come to You in humbleness to learn of you, learn from you.  I will focus on You.  Thank you for reminding me!

Reflection #29 – Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.