Reflections on Revival #32


Do you remember the story of how the Israelites were caught between the advancing Egyptian army and the Red Sea?  (Exodus 14).  I was the One who led them to that spot.  That’s exactly where I wanted them to be.  Do you know why?  Because I wanted them to know that I am the Lord.  I am your God too and I want to show you who I am.  Open your eyes and see Me.  Allow Me to revive your faith in Me!

O Lord.  You planned for them to be helpless?  That’s how I feel right now – helpless!  So You want to show me that You are Lord?  How?  O Lord, I look to you to show me the way.  I need you.  I will choose to trust in You.  Thank you!

Reflection #32- Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.