Reflections on Revival #6


Revival. I was rejected, I was abandoned. I was seen as unlovable and I was severely beaten. On the cross, even my Father turned His face from Me. I struggled hugely in Gethsemane, knowing the intense pain that was coming my way. Yet I willingly chose that path so that now you are accepted, you belong, you are loved and I wrap my wings around you. I was dead but then I arose in power so that you too can LIVE! I am the One who heals the broken-hearted. Let me revive you. I have incredible plans for you.  Choose to trust Me. Invite my Spirit to breathe life into you. I long to give you life!

O Lord, You do understand my pain. You know how it rips me apart. And so I chose to give it to you, heal me. Speak to me your truth. Fill me with your Spirit and breathe life into my being. Fill me with your peace and yes, even joy. Revive me, O Lord!

Reflection #6 – Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.