Reflections on Revival

Revival. How do you react to that word? What does it mean to you? What is your first thought when you hear the word, REVIVAL? Do you long for the Spirit of God to work deeply in your heart, in the church’s heart? Why or why not?

Allow this word, revival, to reside in your mind, meditate on it. Let God plant His seeds of life in your being. Humans can reproduce only human life but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life (John 3:6). Who wants LIFE? Who wants purpose and fulfillment in living out who they were created to be? I do! I DO! In John 4, when Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, He stated that those who drink of the living water that He gives will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life. Do you want this kind of life? A life bubbling full of aliveness? In John 7:17-18, Jesus invites anyone who is thirsty to come to Him. Anyone who believes in Him, may come and drink for the Scriptures declare ‘Rivers of living water will flow from His heart’.

O Lord, ignite our hearts for revival! Turn our faces towards you, the Giver of Life. We need you, O Holy Spirit. Fill us! Cause us to be thirsty for you, to hunger for your Word. There is no life without You. Take us, O Lord, Your Bride, prepare us for your coming again!

Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.