Reflections on Revival #24


Revival.  I see your heart and I love you.  I know the challenges that you face and the questions on your mind.  But it is possible, nothing is too hard for me!  Nothing!  Stand up tall and take up your shield of faith so that those flaming arrows will not be able to touch you.  Believe in Me.  I have a plan.  Wipe away your tears and stop your moaning for I am flowing waters upon the dry land.  Stand up and allow Me to breathe my life into your being.

O Lord.  I do feel dry, like there is no life, no hope in my soul.  I long for your living waters to flow over my being.  Come Lord Jesus, heal this heart of mine.  I put it into your hands.

Reflection #24 – Reflections on Revival prepared by Irene Hamm in humble obedience to God.