The Church & Residential Schools

Join us at our Highland Park site on Wednesday, April 18 at 7pm for a public lecture by Dr. Duff Crerar:

“The Canadian Churches and Residential Schools: Responsibilities and Realities”

which seeks to shed light on the origins and the reasons for the national scandal of the Residential Schools and Canada’s Indigenous children. 

This lecture will address the often little-known and less-understood background of the toxic relationship between religion, culture and oppression from the days of Sir John A. Macdonald to those of Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier.  Key actors, assumptions and failures need to be linked, as well as the question of why those who spoke out against the schools were ignored and suppressed. The lecture will conclude with some important lessons which can be learned and used today.

As Canadians, we must inform ourselves about this part of our history.  As Christians, we must inform ourselves if we are going to be the church and a part of the healing solution.