Ryan’s Reads – Winter/Spring 2017

So, I have some very exciting news for all of you:  G.K. Chesterton’s writings are officially  Public Domain so you can get them all for free online! 

Did you know that J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis became Christians because of Chesterton’s writings?  As scholars, they appreciated how Chesterton filled the world with awe through faith and creativity.  

To give you a taste of Chesterton’s style and impact,  I would like to recommend two essays he included in a little book entitled “Tremendous Trifles”: “The Red Dragon” and “The Dragon’s Grandmother”.  He wrote these in response to a woman who wrote him a letter proclaiming the evils of fairy tales for children.  Check out these works on Kindle, or purchase a beautiful hard copy from a local bookstore and refuel your sense of wonder as you grow in your faith.

The Dragon essays are included in this beautiful volume

Another set of writings you should check out is anything by Kenneth Bailey.  If you need a place to start I recommend his books (often sold bound together in one volume) “Poet & Peasant” & “Through Peasant Eyes”.  As a missionary and scholar, Bailey sheds new light on the parables of Jesus through his personal interactions with middle-eastern locals and remote, poor, oral-tradition villagers.  Bailey’s studies of the parables of Luke’s gospel will help you explore them in a deeper way.

Gain insight on cultural impact of the teachings of Jesus.

I’d love to hear from you, what you think of these picks, or if you have some recommendations to share!  


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