I Made A Book. None Of The Content Is Mine.

I Made A Book. None Of The Content Is Mine. I think it started in Grade 3 Sunday School.  I had teachers who would pay us to learn scriptures. Ok…that is a misrepresentation.   I had teachers who would offer prizes if we memorized all of the memory verses.  The first one bought us little […]

Got Questions? Try Alpha.

I’ve been at the Grande Prairie Church of Christ for over 11 years now (That’s right.  Good luck getting rid of me now.)  My role has changed during my time here, but this coming winter we’re going to come back around to a program that I helped facilitate in my early years here. We’re going […]

Third Site: A Hesitant Staff Member’s Invitation

Multi-site. It’s the buzz-word around here lately. That’s O.K. because it’s who we are. And it’s O.K. because the fact that we are a multi-site church has been a tremendous joy in my life so far. I have loved serving and leading with the Mission Heights manifestation of our church. It continues to be a […]

Counting Blessings: Raising A Family In Church

My kids were buzzing with chatter, smiles and wonder. We were leaving the Ode to Joy Finale (too early…bedtimes), having watched fireworks that seemed to go on delightfully longer than any of us imagined. They and their cohort had wandered in wonder at the food, the people and the visual promise of the fun to be had in the hospitable Smith home. They had piled into the back of pickup trucks to watch the sky explode in light and color. They had heard the adults of their church cracking good natured jokes, and they had breathed air full of joy and laughter. And it just struck me again: We are so blessed! My kids are so blessed. My kids get to grow up in church. My kids get to grow up in a healthy church. My kids get to grow up in a church that does a pretty good job of celebration.

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