MONEY TALKS – Free, Practical Training for Your Personal Finances

FREE Learning Opportunity on all things money including eliminating debt, protecting your family and preparing for the future.

This series of practical classes developed and taught by Jeff Nutting will guide you through conversations and exercises around the following topics:

  • Financial Goals
  • Budgeting and Personal Financial Statements
  • Banking Services and Money Management
  • Personal and Car Loans, Credit Cards
  • Purchases a House and Mortgages
  • Tax Concepts in Personal Finance, RRSP’s, RESP’s and TSFA’s
  • Auto and Homeowners Insurance
  • Health, Life and Travel Insurance
  • Investing in Bonds
  • Investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Planning, OAS, CPP and Pension Funds
  • Estate Planning and Wills

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