Sunday’s message from Alan resonated with one of our very own “unnnamed servants” who shared testimony of God at work in their own experiences this past week.

After missing notice of cancellation before going to a dentist appointment, God used their trip downtown for good:

“When I got there I learned they were closed. From Facebook I remembered Saint Lawrence Centre could use prepackaged items like granola bars. I bought a few packages and phoned Jared in order to pass them on to him. He met me by his car and I could tell he was very stressed. After praying briefly with him, he mentioned that Saturday night suppers were canceled. I asked if any other food items were needed. He mentioned oatmeal, but he didn’t know if hoarders had rendered it unavailable in GP. I had a hunch Walmart might have some. I found a dozen kilos in the shelf and restrained my hoarding instincts, purchasing six. Enough to keep them going for another day. This all occurred because of providentially overlooked voicemail.
Feel free to forward this little story if you are so inclined. What a blessing communication technology is in these days of isolation.”

We love celebrating how God is on the move in these days- please keep sharing your stories with us! 🎉🎉🎉 #TestimonyTuesday