Keep Searching – Day 29

You can choose to watch the video here or read the reflection below:

Final reflection
I finish off this series of reflections with this. To remind us in all things to seek out who is Jesus? As we read the bible, to not always be caught up in “what does it tell me to do”, “how do I live”, etc. But to ask who is God revealing himself to be. I think we will find a firmer understanding of the bible and our faith when we let scripture reveal who God is. When we can  seek to put our own viewpoints and understanding aside, instead of into our reading. For sure it is important to interpret and study well but we must always remember that we serve a living God and his word is living and active. It guides and directs our hearts and actions but it also shows us who our glorious God is. So as you continue you walk with Jesus, keep asking him to reveal more of who he is, keep seeking to know him better and keep knocking on the door in prayer.