Update on Compassion Trip

Lots of people and music added to a warm church welcome Watch Video Clip Watch Video Clip We saw one of the Compassion projects and played kick-ball with the children. Watch Video Clip   We visited a family in a tarp house.   At the village we saw a boy in the field.    

Community Formation

It always perplexed me as I read the stories in the Bible about the early church and the importance they attributed to life in community on their journey together towards Christ.  It seemed like they had something I did not – even though I had friends, family and faith!  It made me wonder what true community actually […]

Scott on Sabbatical

After nine straight years of ministerial staff service at our church, Scott Pence is taking a three-month sabbatical.  Over the summer months Scott will be taking in a retreat with his wife, a course at Regent Seminary, a week in his hometown, and attending a Church of Christ conference in Indianapolis.  He also looks forward […]