Daily Reflection – Light is Near

Check out Job’s response to God’s initiative and ponder with Laurel how we can also say that “Light is Near” when our lives are dark and shattered.

Read: Job 17:11-12

Try: Meditate on this statement “In the face of darkness, light is near”, and remember that God is not afraid of the dark!

Lessons from up in the Mandarin Tree

Personal Reflection by Iris Parr Some of my favourite childhood memories take place in South America when, every few years, we visited our family and friends during July and August. Although it was winter south of the equator, the hot sand threatened to burn our tender soled feet as we ran through the fruit orchard […]

Irene’s HopeCC Update

God is a good Father – always.  There is no distinction between the God of Canada and the God of Kenya, He is the same God and yet there is a unique vibrant fullness within the singing of the children at HopeCC.  Though they come from a past of poverty, of abandonment and abuse, their […]

Irene’s HopeCC Update

Its early evening and my head is jerking, nodding out of control as I fight sleep.  Jet lag is one of the hard aspects of making a trip to HopeCC but do I go again?  For sure! It is always amazing to see what changes are happening there and the presence of God is seen […]

HopeCC Update

    It is midnight and my plane pierces the darkness, leaving behind the fading lights below, the only visible sign of inhabitation.  The moon lies on its back and I settle in for a night’s sleep, reflecting on my stay at HopeCC.  I had just found out this morning that my sick sister had […]

Living Hope

Praise be to the Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!
In His great mercy He has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
1 Peter 1:3