Last Week of Advent – Love

How are you receiving the love of God? How are you expressing thankful love to God? How are you loving others?

Storms, Jesus & Love

Laurel invites us to consider the stories of Jesus and storms during this season Advent.

Daily Reflection – God’s Pruning

Alan challenges us to avoid turning Jesus’ words into a burden!

Read: John 15

Remember: The fruit Jesus wants to see in you is the fruit of God’s love.

Update on Compassion Trip

Lots of people and music added to a warm church welcome Watch Video Clip Watch Video Clip We saw one of the Compassion projects and played kick-ball with the children. Watch Video Clip   We visited a family in a tarp house.   At the village we saw a boy in the field.    

Community Formation

It always perplexed me as I read the stories in the Bible about the early church and the importance they attributed to life in community on their journey together towards Christ.  It seemed like they had something I did not – even though I had friends, family and faith!  It made me wonder what true community actually […]

Evangelist– Bringer of Good News?

What do you think of when you hear the word “Evangelist” or “Evangelism”? I don’t know about you, but I used to have a pretty skewed understanding of what those words meant. I’m not sure if my misunderstanding was just my limited life experience, but those words used to conjure up images of bible-thumping “fire-and-brimstone” […]

Limiting Love

I hear “love your neighbour” and quickly pictures of my family, friends, church family, and my next door neighbor come to mind. Well sure, I love them. Even when they annoy me. I’ve mowed buddy’s lawn – and he’s a heathen. I’ll drop everything to make sure I have time to help a friend. I even shovelled a strangers side-walk (that one time). Sure, loving my neighbors comes easy to me.

And as quickly as my sense of accomplishment flooded in, it fades out.

What about the others?

You know… the “Others”…

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