Daily Reflection – Belonging

Remember: Jesus calls our names, and invites us to call others!

Read: Mark 10:46-52

Ask yourself: How can I share my joy with others this week?

Daily Reflection – Chosen & Blessed

Scott is back from a few days off and shares some thoughts on blessings and thankfulness.

Read: Ephesians 1:3-6

Try: Take some time to contemplate how God has blessed you! Memorize Ephesians 1:3 as another anchor verse for your journey.

Daily Reflection – Love is Patient

Join Mark in contemplating how God works with us like a personal trainer to build our character and answer our prayers for patience.

“Put up with hard times. God uses them to train you. He is treating you as his children. What children are not trained by their parents?” – Hebrews 12:7

Daily Reflection – High Places

Continuing his trek through Kings, Alan contemplates the significance of “high places” of worship.

Ask yourself: Are there areas of my heart or life that need to be surrendered to the Lordship of Christ?

Daily Reflection – Vulnerability

Mark explores the idea of disarming instead of attacking, and allowing God’s love and light and healing to flow through us.

Read: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Remember: Being vulnerable is not always easy but Jesus calls us to lay down our weapons!

Daily Reflection – Want to Thrive?

Malorie’s new house plants provide a great object lesson for us today!

Read: Luke 8

Ask yourself: How am I digging down deep to receive the nutrients and tending from God, the Great Caretaker?

Daily Reflection – Want God’s Feedback?

Contemplate with Laurel the phrase “Let God weigh me in honest scales”.

Read: Job 31:6

Try: Turning toward God with open hands and ask what feedback He wants to give you.