Reflections on Revival – Dec. 25

Dear child.  Do you know my Son Jesus?  Really KNOW Him?  He is my Beloved Son, the One willing to die for your sins so that you can be free of all your burdens.  He is with you even now.  Emmanuel, God with each of you.  Let Him in, dear child! O Lord.  You chose […]

Reflections on Revival – Dec. 18

I am LOVE.  Without love, there is no fullness of living.  Love is powerful and yet so tender.  I love you deeply.  I will not let you go.  Nothing can separate my love from you.  I have always loved you, and I always will!  Let Me fill you with my love. O Lord.  How can […]

Reflections on Revival – Dec. 11

Dear child.  Your heart is heavy and is filled with sadness.  Baby Jesus was sent to set you free of guilt and shame!  Do you not know that I have come to pour my joy into your innermost being?  Let me fill you with great joy that will bubble out from within you.  O Lord.  […]

Reflections on Revival – Dec. 4

Dear child.  I offer you my peace and yet you choose chaos. Receive my peace for it will flood your mind, soul, body and spirit. My peace does not depend on circumstances nor on others, rather it is possible as you choose to trust me.  I am with you ALWAYS!  Believe my words. O Lord.  My heart […]

Reflections on Revival – Nov 27

Dear child.  Everything you do is worthless unless you do it in love.  You can make huge sacrifices but unless your motive is to love, it is worth NOTHING!  I am love.  Let me rule your heart and then your actions will be powerful.  Love always wins! O Lord.  How can I do EVERYTHING in […]

Reflections on Revival – Nov 20

Dear child.  Sometimes life may seem unpredictable but know that I hold every breathe that you take.  I have purpose in you being alive.  Trust Me for I have good plans for you.  Keep on looking to My face.  I am directing you. O Lord.  Sometimes I feel like I’m riding a chaotic wave, not […]

Reflections on Revival – Nov 13

Dear child.  I long to hear your voice and not just when you are asking for help.  Talk to Me about your day, – your joys and sorrows.  I hold your heart in my hands.  I love you! O Lord.  Sometimes I act like a whining child!  I just want my way instead of allowing […]

Reflections on Revival – Nov 6

Dear child.  I am with you ALWAYS!  When you speak to your friend, I am there.  When you cry in your closet, I am there.  When you are full of fear, I am there beside you.  I said that I will never leave you nor forsake you.  My Presence with you is unconditional! O Lord.  […]

Reflections on Revival – Oct.23

Dear child.  When challenges loom in your day, look to me.  I will give you the wisdom, the strength, the love to face it and deal with it.  Nothing is beyond my touch.  My hand is in your trial and I long for you to be strong and persevere.  I walk beside you all the […]

Reflections on Revival – Oct.16

I am so pleased when you put your trust in Me.  My heart swells in delight over you.  I love it when you sit with me and allow me to speak to you.  There is power in my words for they are truth.  Come and talk with me again. O Lord.  I hear your words […]