Why Fasting?

As we approach our day of prayer and fasting, Chris shares a quick explanation about fasting.

Taking Time to Hear From God

As Scott shares an invitation to be a part of the Day of Prayer and Fasting on March 12th, he talks about the importance of taking time to listen for God’s voice.

Day of Fasting & Prayer March 12th

We are calling everyone to be a part of a day of fasting and prayer on Saturday, March 12th from 10-330. Check out this video for more information.

Can You Hear Me?

Ways To Grow Resources

Andrew Watson recommends this book as a great resource to help you grow from our Ways To Grow resources. “I know Brad Jersak personally and can attest to his aptitude when it comes to simplifying the process of hearing the voice of God. I find it so easy to complicate this vital process by talking […]

How to Read the Bible

Here is another great resource from our Ways to Grow list. The Bible Project makes videos that help you more clearly understand the Word of God. This particular series will help you learn what the Bible is, and how to read the different styles of literature. What is the Bible Video

5 Ways Christians Can Love Those with Different Political Views

A short article from one of our Grow Up and Make a Difference resources available at Ways To Grow. It is from the site Christians Who Curse Sometimes, a site devoted to helping Christians deepen their faith. 5 Ways Christians Can Love Those With Different Political Views

Youth Starts This Thursday @ 7pm!

Regular Youth group begins again this Thursday at Highland Park. Grades 7-12 are welcome. Contact Mark if you have any questions: mark@gpchurchofchrist.com

A Walk with Alan

A year long study of the first 5 books of the Old Testament as presented by the Bible Project. Looking to start up on Tuesday evenings. Find out more about the Bible project here: https://bibleproject.com/app/

Why Come Home?

Alan and Scott share why is coming home important, what effect it has on us.