Update #2

Masking is not required for in person attendance as per the AHS document you can review here: https://www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/cmoh-order-40-2021.pdf Page 7 Section F 4.11 Let’s make sure we are praying for our leaders and medical personel during these challenging times.

We Want to Pray For You

Let us know your prayer concerns or celebration stories by filling out the following form.  We would love to join you in prayer and send you some words of encouragement. Loading…

What Story Speaks to You?

Take time today to reflect on a verse or story that speaks to you. Identify the ways you relate to the characters and how you see God at work, and take time to thank God for speaking and ask him to reveal more of who he is. Share your thoughts/story in the comments on our […]

Day 7 Ambition to be Salty

As we finish our reflection on ambition we reflect today on Saltiness. How are we salty as we seek to be living sacrifices as we face tough times? How also can we live together in peace and relationship?

Day 6 Ambition for Holiness

Day 6 of our Reflections on Ambition. Today, examine your ambition for holiness and how it is you seek God’s heart. How are you discovering holiness in who God is, and in how he is at work in you?

Day 4 – Ambition to Humbly Unify

Day 4 of our Reflection on Ambition. How can we have ambition that seeks to bring people together in humility?

Day 3 – Ambition to Value Others

Day 3 of our reflections on Ambition. Today how can we have ambition to value others and to demonstrate that value in how we treat them?

Day 2 – Ambition to be a Servant

The 2nd day of our reflections on Ambition and lining our ambitions up with what the Ambitions of Jesus are.

Day 1 Ambition to Grow

As part of the Challenge from Alan on Sunday, let’s take time each day this week to reflect on the ambitions from Mark 9:30-50. We are posting the clips from the sermon each day to help refresh what Alan shared.